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Fine Grain Stencil

Fine Grain Stencil

What is the material of Fine Grain stencil? Through alloy composition analysis, FG stencil contains a niobium element. Niobium can refine grains and reduce the overheating sensitivity and temper brittleness of steel, and increase the strength, but the plasticity and toughness decrease. Adding niobium to ordinary low alloy steel can improve the resistance to atmospheric corrosion and hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia corrosion at high temperature. Niobium can improve soldering performance. Adding niobium to austenitic stainless steel can prevent intergranular corrosion.
Through component analysis and third-party laboratory testing, and after extensive use, it was found that FG SMT stencil are indeed more suitable for laser process cutting than ordinary 304 steel sheets, and FG laser PCB stencils are more suitable for modern SMT processes.
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