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Custom printed circuit board

Custom printed circuit board

 According to the number of layers, the PCB can be divided into three categories: single sided board, double sided board, and multilayer circuit board.

The first is single sided board. On the basic PCB, the components are concentrated on one side and the wires on the other side. Because wires appear only on one side, the PCB is called single sided circuit board. Single sided board is usually simple and inexpensive, but they can not be used in complex products.

Double-sided is an extension of single-sided. When single-layer wiring cannot meet the needs of electronic products, double-sided is used. Both sides have copper cladding and traces, and the lines between the two layers can be conducted through vias to form the required network connections.

A multi-layer board refers to a circuit board with more than three layers, the conductive pattern layer and the insulating material between them are laminated at intervals, and the conductive patterns are interconnected as required.

Multilayer circuit board is the product of the development of electronic information technology in the direction of high speed, multi-function, large capacity, small volume, thinning and light weight.

According to the characteristics of the circuit board, the circuit board is divided into FPC, Rigid PCB, and FPCB. Circuit board includes many kinds of working layers, such as signal layer, protective layer, silk screen layer, internal layer, etc.

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