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The working principle of SMT mounter and the advantages of SMT mounter processing introduction

SMT mounter, all known as surface mount technology mounter, is one of the indispensable key equipments in modern electronic manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for the automatic mounting of electronic components, to quickly and accurately paste small electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs, etc. to the predetermined position of the printed circuit board (PCB). Next, we will learn more about the working principle of SMT mounter and the advantages of SMT mounter processing.

The working principle of SMT mounter can be divided into the following steps:

1. Feeding
The feeding system of the mounter is responsible for sucking various electronic components from the material tray and feeding them into the feeder. The feeder arranges the components in a certain order to facilitate the subsequent placement.

2. Positioning
When the components are fed into the vicinity of the placement head, the placement head will locate the components through the vision system or infrared recognition system to ensure that the components are accurately placed in the target position on the PCB.

3. Mounting
The placement head usually consists of one or more suction nozzles that quickly pick up and release the component. The placement machine will accurately place the component on the corresponding pads on the PCB through precise X and Y axis movements. During the mounting process, the head will also rotate and flip the component to suit different component mounting needs.

4. Soldering
Mounter is usually equipped with a soldering system, such as hot air soldering or laser soldering, used to fuse the pins of the components with the solder joints on the PCB to form a reliable electrical connection.

5. Testing and Calibration
During the placement process, the SMT mounter will constantly carry out self-testing and calibration to ensure the accuracy and quality of the placement, including real-time monitoring and adjustment of the position, speed and pressure of the mounting head.
Advantages of SMT processing

SMT SMD technology has significant advantages over traditional through-hole printed circuit technology (THT):

1. Small size and light weight
Because the components are mounted directly on the surface of the PCB, the circuit board of SMT technology compared to THT technology is more compact, small size and light weight, which is conducive to the portability and integration of electronic products.

2. High Reliability
SMT chip processing of the solder joints uniformity, consistency, and not affected by human factors, so the production of electronic products with high reliability and low failure rate.

3. High production efficiency
SMT mounter can achieve high-speed automated production, greatly improving production efficiency. SMD processing can be carried out continuously, only need to manually participate in loading, changing boards and a few other links, significantly shorten the production cycle.

4. Save materials and labour
SMT technology reduces the number of through-holes on the printed circuit board, saving materials and reducing the amount of manual soldering, reducing labour costs.

5. Adaptability
SMT chip processing technology can be applied to many types of electronic components, including small size, high density, multi-pin components, so that electronic products can be miniaturised and multi-functional development.

6. Easy to upgrade and maintain
SMT chip processing circuit board because of its high degree of integration and modular design, making upgrading and maintenance become more convenient.

In summary, the working principle of SMT mounter and its significant advantages make it one of the important technologies in modern electronic manufacturing. With the continuous progress of electronic technology, the future of SMT chip processing technology will continue to high-speed, high-precision, intelligent direction, and further promote the innovation of electronic manufacturing industry.

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