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Factors influencing the Price of Double sided PCB board

The price of double sided PCB board is mainly composed of the following factors.

1. The cost of the board materials used is different. For example, there is CEM-3, FR4, aluminum base, copper base, etc., the thickness of the board is from 0.4MM to 3.2 MM, and the thickness of copper is also from H oz to 6 oz. All this creates a huge price difference in sheet metal alone; in the aspect of soldering resistance ink, there is a certain price difference between common thermo-solid oil and sensitive green oil, so the variety of price is caused by the difference of materials.

2.The different production processes lead to price diversity. Different production processes result in different costs. Such as immersion gold board and HASL lead free board, making shaped milling board and punching board. Different test methods between flying probe and fixture, and other special treatment, such as HASL lead free on golden finger, carbon oil, impedance, and horn holes.Production requirements lead to price diversity.

3.The difficulty of PCB design itself is different, resulting in the diversity of prices. In the same material, the same process, but the difficulty of the PCB itself will also cause different costs. If the aperture size and quantity of the PCB file design are different, the difference between the line width and line spacing will also cause different production costs.The smaller the aperture, the more the number of holes, the more expensive it is.With dense lines, the smaller the line width and line spacing, the lower the pass rate in the process of manufacturing the board. Because the difficult board has a higher scrap rate, the cost will inevitably increase, which will cause the price diversity.

4.Price differences are caused by different payment methods. At present, PCB board factory will generally adjust the price of PCB according to the different payment methods, which also causes the price difference.

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