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Advantages of PCB SMT processing technology
With the continuous development of the electronics industry, PCBA SMT surface assembly technology has become more mature, and equipment functions are constantly improving. SMT chip processing technology has gradually replaced traditional cartridge technology and become the most popular technology in the electronics assembly industry. “Smaller, lighter, denser and better” is the biggest advantage of SMT chip processing technology, and it is also the requirement for high integration and miniaturization of electronic products.
SMT PCB Assembly process: firstly apply solder paste on the surface of the printed circuit board, then accurately place the metalized terminals or pins of the component on the solder paste of the pad, and then place the printed circuit board and components. They are placed together in a reflow oven to heat the solder paste. After cooling and solder paste curing, the connection between the components and the PCB printed circuit is realized.
1.High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability
Printed Circuit board assembly SMT chip processing uses chip components, with high reliability, small and light components, so it has strong anti-vibration capability, automatic production, high placement reliability, and generally low solder joint rate is less than 10 parts per million. It can guarantee the low defect rate of solder joints of electronic products or components. Almost 90% of electronic products currently use the SMT process.
2.Electronic products are small in size and high in assembly density
PCBA SMT components are only about 1/10 of the size of traditional plug-in components, and the weight is only 10% of the traditional plug-in components. Usually, PCB SMT technology can reduce the size of electronic products by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~80%, the area and weight are greatly reduced. The SMT chip processing assembly component grid has been developed from 1.27MM to the current 0.63MM grid, and the individual has reached the 0.5MM grid. The through-hole mounting technology is used to mount the components, which makes the assembly density higher.
3.Good high frequency characteristics and reliable performance
Because chip components are firmly attached, devices are usually no lead or short lead. The influence of parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance is reduced, and the high frequency characteristic of the circuit is improved. The maximum frequency of the circuit designed by SMC and SMD is 3 GHz, while the chip element is only 500 MHz, which can shorten the transmission delay time. It can be used for circuits with clock frequency above 16MHz. With MCM technology, the high-end clock frequency of the computer workstation can reach 100 MHz, and the additional power consumption caused by parasitic reactance can be reduced 2-3 times
4.Increase productivity and achieve automated production
In order to achieve automation of the perforated mounting PCB, it is necessary to expand the area of the original PCB by 40%.So that the plug head of the automatic plug-in can insert the components. Otherwise, there is not enough space gaps, it will damage the parts. Automatic mounting machine adopts vacuum nozzle suction device, vacuum suction nozzle is smaller than element shape, but it increases installation density. In fact, small components and fine-spaced QFP units are produced by automatic placement machine to realize the whole line automatic production.
5.Reduce costs, reduce expenses
SMT technology can Reduce costs and expenses
(1) The use area of PCB is reduced, which is one twelfth of that of through-hole technology. If CSP is used, the area will be greatly reduced.
(2) The number of drilling hole on PCB is reduced and the cost of repairing is saved.
(3) Because of the improvement of frequency characteristics, the cost of circuit debugging is reduced.
(4) Because of the small size and light weight of SMT components, the cost of packaging, transportation and storage is reduced.
SMT processing technology can save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time and so on. It can reduce the cost by 30%~50%.


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