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PCB Assembly Services

Linke is a leading PCB Assembly manufacturer in Shijiazhuang City, mainland China, providing high quality services of pcb assembly,pcb manufacture, pcb circuit board,PCB fabrication, electronic components sourcing, PCB assembly and PCBA test for worldwide customers since 2006.

The PCB Assembly services we can offer:
l Prototype PCB Assembly
l Low&High Volume PCB Assembly
l Fully Turnkey PCB Assembly
l PCBA Test
l Conformal Coating
l Final Box-build and Packaging
All the boards we manufacture, we guarantee that:
l 100% functional tested before delivery;
l Two years warranty;
l Never use fake parts or recycled parts;
l None-disclosure agreement signed.
Our PCB Assembly Capabilities
Supported Capabilities
Type of assembly
ž THD (Thru-hole device) / Conventional
ž SMT (Surface-mount technology)
ž SMT&THD mixed
ž Double-sided SMT and/or THD assembly
Order quantity
ž 5 to 100,000
ž Passives, smallest size 01005
ž Fine pitch to 06 Mils
ž Lead-less chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & QFN
ž Connectors and terminals
Component packaging
ž Reels, Cut tape, Tube, Loose parts
Board dimensions
ž Smallest size: 6mm x 6mm
ž Largest size: 460mm x 510mm
Board type
ž Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flexible
Solder Type
ž Leaded and Lead-Free
ž Water soluble solder paste
ž Manual soldering for special part, e,g.wires and temp-sensitive parts.
Design file format
ž Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG
ž BOM (Bill of Materials, EXCEL format)
ž Pick and Place file (XYRS)

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Below are our strict quality management procedures:
Supplier Evaluation And Audit Suppliers must be evaluated before approval by Linke's supplier evaluation team. In addition, Linke will appraise and rank every supplier once a year to guarantee the suppliers provide the quality materials meeting Linke's requirements. Furthermore, Linke continuously develops suppliers and promotes them to improve their quality and environment management basing on the systems of ISO9001.
Contract Review Before accepting an order, our engineering teams will check all the details of this project and make sure we have the capabilities to handle it.
Preparation, Review And Control Of Manufacturing Instruction Before processing an order, our engineering teams will check all details of this project, and if any issues detected, we will report them to customers and give them our solutions or suggestions.Once our solutions or suggestions are approved by our customer, we will start to process this order.
Incoming Control IQC All materials must be verified and approved when going to the warehouse. Linke establishes strict verifying procedures and working instructions to control the incoming electronic materials. Furthermore, Linke owns various precise inspection instruments and equipment to guarantee the capability to rightly judge whether the verified material is good or not.
Process Controls Of Fabrication Right manufacturing instruction (MI), total equipment management and maintenance, strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instructions, all these make the whole production process totally controlled.
Strict PCBA tests
Below are PCBA Tests we applied:
lVisual Inspection,
lX-Ray Inspection( for BGA and QFN package chips),
lAOI Inspection( for normal SMD package parts),
llCT Test and Functional test ( can guarantee all boards qualified before delivery).
Files Required for making Quotation and Production
Files Required
Gerbe files*(for quote and production)
Gerber files in format of RS-274X for PCB fabrication
BOM file*(for quote and production)
BOM file in excel format for components sourcing and PCB assembly. It should include the components basic information: Reference Designators, Quantity, Part number, Description, etc..
Pick & Place file (for production)
Also known as Centroid file or XY data. It describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts and it can help us to quickly programming the SMT assembly machines
Assembly drawing (for production)
It includes the positions and polarities of the components designators which can help us better understand your assembly needs, correcting some ambiguous or even mistaken placements, and ends up with an excellent job
Testing Guide (for functional test)
To ensure the boards quality, we can test the boards following the provided testing guide before shipping.
Programming files (for programming)
We could do IC programming for our customers if required.
Our quick-turn prototyping PCB assembly service can assemble your boards within 24 hours. We can handle small quantity PCB assembly, as well as volume production PCB assembly. All our services are at a very competitive price and with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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