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Circuit board assembly

The Assembly method of SMT processing Technology

Choosing an appropriate assembly method according to the specific requirements of the assembled product and the conditions of the assembly equipment is the basis for efficient and low-cost assembly and production, and it is also the main content of the SMT chip processing process design. The so-called surface assembly technology refers to the chip structure components or miniaturized components suitable for surface assembly, placed on the surface of the printed board according to the requirements of the circuit, and assembled by soldering processes such as reflow soldering or wave soldering , Constitute the assembly technology of electronic components with certain functions.

On the traditional THT printed circuit board, the components and solder joints are located on both sides of the board, while on the SMT patch printed circuit board, the solder joints and components are on the same side of the board. Therefore, on the SMT patch printed circuit board, the through holes are only used to connect the wires on both sides of the circuit board, the number of holes is much smaller, and the diameter of the holes is much smaller,therefore, the assembly density of the circuit board can be greatly improved.

The following SMT chip processing factory organizes and introduces the assembly method of SMT chip processing technology.

1. SMT single-sided hybrid assembly method
The first type is single-sided mixed assembly, that is, SMC/SMD and through-hole plug-in components are distributed on different sides of the PCB, but the soldering surface is only one-sided. This type of assembly method uses single-sided PCB and wave soldering processes, and there are two specific assembly methods:

(1) First paste method. The first type of assembly is called the first paste method, that is, the SMC/SMD is placed on the B side (soldering surface) of the PCB, and then the THC is inserted on the A side.
(2) Post-paste method. The second assembly method is called post-paste method. It is to insert THC on the A side of the PCB and then mount the SMD on the B side.

The second type is double-sided hybrid assembly.

SMC/SMD and THC can be mixed and distributed on the same side of the PCB. At the same time, SMC/SMD can also be distributed on both sides of the PCB. Double-sided hybrid assembly uses double-sided PCB, dual wave soldering or reflow soldering. In this type of assembly method, there is also the difference between paste first SMC/SMD and paste after SMC/SMD. Generally, it is reasonably selected according to the type of SMC/SMD and the size of the PCB.Two assembly methods are commonly used in this type of assembly.

(1) SMC/SMD and THC are on the same side, SMC/SMD and THC are on the same side of the PCB.
(2) SMC/SMD and THC are in different side modes. The surface mount integrated chip (SMIC) and THC are placed on the A side of the PCB, while the SMC and small outline transistor (SOT) are placed on the B side.

The assembly method and process flow of SMT chip processing mainly depend on the type of surface assembly group, the types of components used and the conditions of assembly equipment. In general, SMA can be divided into three types of single-sided mixed assembly, double-sided mixed assembly and full-surface assembly, a total of 6 assembly methods. Different types of SMA have different assembly methods, and the same type of SMA can also have different assembly methods.

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